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As an ex-deputy head teacher of a large comprehensive school one of the areas I am increasingly being asked to treat is adolescent anxiety. This manifests itself in many ways but can lead to self harm and a complete lack of ambition on the part of the young adult as whatever they do “won’t be good enough”. I recently treated someone who was so anxious they were physically sick prior to exams and ended up not wanting to go to school at all. They just felt that they couldn’t cope with the pressure. This also manifested itself in the inability to form relationships with the opposite sex, again because they weren’t ‘enough’.

I’m pleased to report that after just one session where we found out the reason why they were thinking those negative thoughts (by tapping into their subconscious) and some coaching afterwards, the young person is happily back at school, in a relationship and has passed their driving test! Their parents are reporting a much happier person in the house too! This is what makes my job so worthwhile and why RTT is such an amazing therapy.

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