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Anxiety and PTSD Specialist

Achieve the life transformation you are seeking

Imagine a life without restriction

What is that restriction in your life? Anxiety/stress/phobia/self worth? Imagine what a full and happy life you could lead without that restriction! It is possible!

If this is you, I am able to help. Your life can be reset to make it free of those restrictions. Combining Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching, I can work with you to transform your life so that you are free to enjoy every minute of every day.

Just complete the enquiry form and make a start to transform your life or email [email protected]

Just complete the form below or email [email protected] and make the start to transform your life.

Sue has changed my life. I went to her after 30 years of living with PTSD (although I didn’t know it was that), after being a victim of armed robbery. It ruled my life completely and I was angry all the time. I’ve had counselling but it just didn’t work. Sue has turned all that around for me. I now have the tools to deal with the PTSD and my life is so much happier. She was pragmatic and sympathetic in her approach to my problems. I have a wonderful partner that I’ve been unable to keep before now and I have a really positive rest of my life to look forward to. If you’re in trouble with PTSD and the anxiety that comes from it, see Sue, you won’t regret it.


I saw Sue because I was anxious about taking my exams and just life in general. I did a RTT session with her and have now lost my anxiety completely! I aced my last test and am not anxious at all about my mocks. Thank you so much for changing my life, it means so much!


For a couple years I had my issues of which a few other counsellors couldn’t help with, however, after getting referred to Sue, my life has changed and I’ve not looked back.

Sue is probably the nicest, most caring, open, easy to talk to people out there, and the list goes on. She fully takes your story into consideration, taking every detail and uses it to help you. With her I felt comfortable talking about things I hadn’t told my family, and never intend to.
She works quickly and calmly for you, taking you from someone with issues to feeling like a new person. Her work has forever changed my life, I am so much happier and confident now just after a couple sessions. I’m now more confident with myself and with the actions I take, I’m amazed by the results.
Honestly words can’t describe the mental relief and joy I have had since being with her. From locking away thoughts, telling nobody, slowly getting consumed by them, to being completely clear of them.
I recommend anyone with anything on their mind to get in touch with Sue immediately. Thank you!

What can I help you with?

Weight issues

Anorexia & Bulimia
Eating problems & food issues
Overweight & obesity

Mental health & well being

Addiction & phobias
Anxiety & stress
Self harm
Confidence & self esteem

Peak performance

Exam success
Improving memory
Corporate & business
Team motivation

Relationship issues

Relationship & conflict resolution
Getting a win-win for everyone
Attracting the right person
Pre and post divorce trauma

Sexual issues, infertility & birth

Conception & IVF
Erectile dysfunction

Physical issues

Gut healing
Pain management

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