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I read the other day that people who have had gastric sleeves and gastric bypasses often put the weight back on as they had failed to address the underlying psychological problem that led them to be overweight in the first place.

With obesity at its highest for years it’s easy to see why the NHS can’t cope with the epidemic that faces them.  There’s not the funding or enough psychologists to support people in need, something that was requested in the article.

Rapid Transformational Therapy helps people identify the underlying cause of any problem, including obesity and then re-codes the brain to a different set of thoughts to enable the client to deal with the issue so it doesn’t return.  It’s exactly what the person in the article (in the Mail on line) was asking for help with.

With that in mind I posted on the Facebook page that was listed in the article to see if I could help.  I explained fully why I was posting and what  RTT could do to help.  Almost instantly it was deemed as “predatory” and taken down.  I thought this was a shame as it didn’t give anyone the opportunity to find out for themselves whether or not this type of therapy could be useful to them or not. It also left me wondering whether  the people with a serious weight problem actually want the help that’s available to them or is it better for them to belong to a Facebook group so that they have a ‘tribe’ to belong to?  A lack of connection is often one of the triggers of people with eating problems, they simply substitute the lack of people with food as their source of comfort.

We all know that GP practices can’t cope with the amount of appointments people need but if only they looked outward to other modalities and understood that we can make a difference, much of the pressure would be relieved.  In the case of obesity, RTT can help a person lose weight forever, thereby reducing the type 2 diabetes problem that arises and the very expensive surgery that people are demanding in ever increasing numbers.  The cost of a gastric bypass is around £10,000.  The cost of an appointment with an RTT therapist just £300.  Food for thought maybe?



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